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This site is devoted to publishing any and all kinds of sex stories contributed by our readers. Everything here has been sent to us because someone wanted to share their story with others. Maybe for a greater sense of community, maybe to get some feedback, or maybe because it's the only place they can tell the world what they did. Each writer has their own reason, but no matter the reason, we're always glad to get new stories sent to us so we can add them here for you.

Just below you'll find two groups of links. The first group is sex stories indexed by major subject categories. The other is our Author Collections of stories. Each of those index links will take you to a new page with a list of all stories in that category or by that author. We have a lot of sex stories here for you and there are also many, many other erotic stories at the sites that sponsor this free adult fiction site. Check out some of the banners and text links below our story listings and you'll see that are plenty of HOT Sex Stories available!

If you have a story, or several stories, that you'd like to share with others, we invite you to send them to us. You can click this link to go to our online Story Submission Form. Or use this link to our Writer Guidelines to find out how to submit stories to us via email. You'll be given full credit for your erotic sex story and your name and email address will be posted under the title - unless you prefer to remain anonymous (just let us know). The stories we're looking for are similar to those posted in the newsgroup (basically much more explicit versions of the "Letters to Penthouse" type). Feel free to send your stories to us at any time and we'll let you know when we receive them. We'll also post photos or other illustrations to go along with your stories if you send them to us in GIF or JPEG format.

Enjoy reading some of the great stories these writers have sent us and check out some of the "Best of the Net" links we've collected for you. Feel free to let the authors know what you think of their stories, and drop a note to us at our address to let us know what you like best and want to read more of.

Hope to hear from you soon,


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Sex Story Categories

Each of these links will take you to a new page with an index of the story titles in that category. Stories are listed with authors' names and in many cases with story codes to give you a better idea of what that particular story is about. Look for the new marker to identify the most recent stories added (on the story category and author index pages).

 All Straight Forward Suck & Fuck Stories  new  

 BDSM Stories - bondage, D/s, and S&M Stories  new  

 Fetish Sex Stories - any and all fetishes  new  

 Fisting Sex Stories - anal, vaginal, double  new  

 Gangbangs, Groupsex & Orgies  new  

 Interracial & Rough Sex Stories  new  

 Slut Wives & Cuckolded Husbands  new  



This is for those of you that like to get a little kinky in the sack. Bondage, big toys, swings, domination, BDSM, hard spankings, its all here! Find a pic below that turns your crank and click it for a hot video tour showing you all the nitty gritty. Each site is packed with kinky porn. Highly recommended!


Author Collections

Some of our most prolific authors are featured here. Once a writer has sent us a significant numbers of good stories we create a special index page for them so fans can find them more easily. As this section grows we'll be cross-indexing them with the category indexes above so it'll be even easier to find what you like to read.


 Dave Dax's Immortalization  new  

 Robin's Fantasy World  new  

 Princess Dany's Empire of Erotica 

 Captive Hacker's Journal of Female Domination 

 A. G. Thomas' Gangbangs & Rough Sex  new  

 Kammi's Slut Wife Sex Stories 

 Libertine's Sex Stories Collection  new  

 Little Miss Blair's Sex Stories Collection 

 Lynn Jones' Slut Wife Sex Stories  new  

 Night Writer's Sex Stories Collection 

 NiteWriter's Sex Stories Collection 

 Patricia's XTC Illustrated Sex Stories 

 PurpleCat's Sex Stories Collection 

 Slut Sex Story Series by Sueann 

Check out these other great bondage erotica sites!

Totally Free BDSM Blog



Recommended Sites

While you're here you may want to look at some of the link sections we've collected for you. One section has links to websites where you can read several thousand sex stories. Another has lots of links to the Usenet sex story newsgroups. Other sections have links to some of the Net's top-ranked porn sites, porn links pages and porn search engines. And there's a section for adult webmasters too. The links below will open in a second window so you can this as a launcher page if you like. Just close the new window and you'll be right back here, or leave the new window open and click here on a new link, it'll open in the other window for you.


Sex Story Site Links

- there are over 4,000 more sex stories at this site alone!

- free erotic stories archive, plus erotic chat, email and more.

Great sex stories blog.

- where nothing is is forbidden! Your darkest fantasies are all right here!

- a Top 25 list for sex story sites worldwide.

new gay sex stories archive site with integrated gay sex portal.

- part of the 1stSexStories collections

- part of the 1stSexStories collections

- part of the 1stSexStories collections

- the best Bondage Sories on the Net!


Great Porn Link Pages

 ALLme's Link Exchange Partners  - more Best of the Web links, this time focusing on the sites we've chosen to exchange links with.

- don't miss all the great porn links at the bottom of their page when you visit this one.

- probably the oldest and largest link list, and very surfer-friendly too, definitely worth a bookmark!


Porn Search Engines

Here are some search engines that are designed specifically to find porn of all kinds for you. Not limited to sex stories, these sex search engines can help you narrow the field and zero in on exactly the kind of free and commercial porn you're interested in.

Search NAUGHTY Linx
Like Yahoo® but with balls!sm


"Daily Photo" pages new

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"Daily Gallery" pages new

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Net Search Engines

Want to run a web wide search from here? You can use these search boxes to access the databases at these major search engines. The search results will open in a new window for you so you can come back here easily.



Search     Search the Web



Sex Story Newsgroups

Usenet newsgroups can be a pain to wade through with all the spam posted to most of them. But if you don't mind picking through it to get to the good stuff there's always some real gems there. There are newsgroups for nothing but stories and others for photos but often these wind up on both kinds of groups. These links will open in whatever newsreader program you've set your computer to use for your newsgroup posting and reading. With most newsreader software you can then add the links you want to save to your personal newsgroups list. Or just bookmark this page and use it as your guide to newsgroups for now.


Sex Stories Newsgroups - general



Sex Story Newsgroups - special interest 



Sex Story Newsgroups - less known 


Sex Story Newsgroups - moderated

All of the sex stories posted to the newsgroup have to be approved prior to being posted, making this a strict no-spam group. The second newsgroup listed below is used to discuss the erotic stories posted to the newsgroup. The third link is not a newsgroup but will take you to the webpage where you can search for erotic stories posted to the group. 


Binary Newsgroups - stories, photos



Newsgroups for discussions



Free Resources for Everyone

- a free library of resource information from some of the Net's foremost fetish, bdsm and alternate lifestyle websites. Primary sources include the A.S.B. and S.S.B.B FAQs, the Erotic Power Information Center, the POWERotics Foundation, and the BDSM-Academy. More information on specialty interests comes from experienced lifestylers personally involved in that arena. Includes a discussion/message board for questions and answers.

- a free message board with active forums on BDSM, D/s, Bondage, Spanking, Fisting, Watersports, Fetishes & Kinks, Safety & Safe Sex, Whipping & Flogging, Scene Ideas & Music, Piercing & Body Modifications, News Stories, BDSM Gear, Fetish Wear, Local Groups & Events (USA/World), Fiction, Humour, Poetry, plus an Online Publications section with archives of Fetish-News, Boudoir Noir, and LeatherMedia newsletters, also areas for People looking to meet others, and Swinging & Swapping. Hosted by for free access by the community.


WebMaster Resources

- Webmasters, interested in making some money? If you have a website where you can host adult banners or links you should look at , a great adult affiliate program. No minimums, no limitations, and excellent support materials to help increase your earnings... if your surfers are looking for kinky sex stories this is the perfect way to make cash!


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